Applications Open:
February 1, 2024 

April 1, 2024 

About the Program 
The Northstar Builders Group created their Future Tradesperson Grant because they recognized both the importance of a skilled workforce in the construction industry and the relatively limited educational funding support available to students with an interest in joining the field. The goal of the program is to assist graduation CISD high school seniors with interest in education to improve their workforce skills, especially in the construction industry. 

Who Should Apply 
The Northstar Builders Group Future Tradesperson Grant is available to a graduating senior from a Coppell ISD high school, including Coppell High School, New Tech High @ Coppell, or Victory Place. 

The grant provides $1,000 to a CISD student targeting a career as a tradesperson, especially in construction. Candidates would be enrolling in any educational program at a community college; vocational, trade, or technical school; internship program; or at a trade-skilling organization like the Construction Education Foundation. Accredited programs are preferred but not mandatory.

Applicants must be a graduating senior from Coppell High School, New Tech High @ Coppell, Victory Place or any other high school that Coppell ISD may have during the life of this grant; 

Preference will be given to applicants who:     

  • Are pursuing any trade in fields such as construction, plumbing, electrical, surveying, mechanical, carpentry, drafting, architecture, or engineering. 
  • Plan to enroll in a program at a community college, vocational/trade school, internship program, or classes at an industry-oriented organization. 
  • Have a clear vision of how their education will help them achieve their employment and career goals; and, 
  • Have had little or no other educational or training opportunities. 
  • Winner selection is not based on grade point average or class rank requirement, but students will be expected to demonstrate reasonable achievement and a commitment to their chosen field of trade. 

If no tradesperson-oriented student is found to receive the award, Northstar may consider a college-bound student targeting an education is a similar field of study, such as interior design, construction management, engineering, or the like. A second-tier choice might also be a student targeting a career program related to robotics, programming, forensics, or culinary. 

What You Will Need to Apply  

  • A completed grant application 
  • A letter of recommendation from an employer, teacher, coach/leader of an extracurricular activity, or community member; and 
  • An unofficial copy of your high school and other educational program transcripts. 

How Awards Are Paid  

If you receive a grant, you can expect an award check to be sent to you within two weeks after receiving your award letter. Most often you award check will be made co-payable to you and to the training program you will attend.  

If at the time of award notification, you have not yet selected a training program, the check will be held until such time as you have identified one and notified us of your tuition payment due date. We will ensure you receive your check at least 3 weeks before that due date. 

For More Information  

If you have any questions about this application or about the Northstar Builders Group Tradesperson Grant, please email the Coppell ISD Education Foundation office at [email protected]